January 1st 2017!

So as the first day of the year kicks off I will be changing my “Life Style“. You can call it a “Diet” I will just say “Life Style” anyway I will be planning my week and I will have to track my daily food and liquid intakes so i can stay on course. I will be using the “S Health” App on my Galaxy s7. The features are great with the ability to check your blood pressure, oxygen levels, stress levels, ect. I will be also recording videos of the “exercises” I’ll be using.

My goal for this year is to be close to 250 lbs since my starting weight is 320lbs. This will give me a whole 12 month’s to really work hard to shed the weight. As i do these activities I will also continue to make other great content for all my “social media” accounts. So Wish me luck and follow me on all my social media. Chat with me, leave comments, share my content especially if I helped you in any way.

At the beginning of each week I will be posting my beginning weight. At the end of the week I will post my weight to see how may pounds have been shed. This will all be based on activity level, food intake and fluid intake. I can’t wait to show others my progress. Well 2017 here we go #BeastMode

Follow my progress:

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