Tom Clancy’s GR WildLands Beta

So Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands beta dropped 2/23/2017 at 3am pst. I downloaded it for ps4 so I can see how great of a game it is. I understand that while in beta the final version might not be the same. We all know as gamers that the final game is usually from the beta. Anyway after I had it downloaded and ready to go, I invite my friends to join in so we can have that 4 player co-op experience.

The controls felt exactly like Tom Clancy’s The Division with a bit of grand theft auto and just cause. I think with these open world games they are killing the open world industry because innovation is not there anymore. The thing that gets me the most is when a game company over hypes and never delivers. “The Graphics on this game are so realistic” in reality it still looks like a game, the frame rates drop and it takes forever to render the scene as you move along.

I think i will have to wait until the full game releases and see how well the game itself does on the market. I am pretty sure it will get low ratings as i mentioned before that this game has a mash of 3 similar games in one. It will immediately kill the interest and the game will have no more replay value.

Below is a video of me playing the beta finishing the rest of the small items to gather. I try to show the visuals just so you can get an idea. I died a few times and also did all of it in less than an hour. I am sorry i didn’t know my mic was muted during the recording of this video. it is worth the watch though.

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Game releases: 03/07/2017

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