Ijoy Maxo 315 Full Review

So i have recently bought this mod called the Ijoy Maxo 315 quad from a local company called VapeCo in the Las Vegas area. I was in the market to get a new mod since my previous mod was starting to crap out. So i bought the mod and I always buy new batteries when buying new mods so they marry. Good thing about VapeCo is when purchasing through their stores they pre-charge their batteries so when customers buy new devices they don’t have to worry about charging them. This way they can use their newly bought devices right away.

So after doing a lot of testing i noticed a few things that i forgot to mention during my video review of it. The 510 location is protruding so atomizers will not sit flush to the mod as it will leave a center meter gap between the atomizer and mod itself. This i believe is a way to disperse the heat and prevent the mod from getting hot to quick from the atomizer.

Below will be my full video review so you can see what comes packaged with the mod and some basic functions so you will know how to operate it when receiving it.

On my YouTube channel in the description i have left links to online shops that carry this device along with VapeCo where i bought this device.

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