Vapers Choice Cotton Full Review

I was sent this cotton to try and review. So i have used this cotton for a week and this is my experience with it. When receiving the cotton it comes rolled up into a nice thick plastic container. To build with this cotton you have to measure the piece by cutting the length according to your coils.

When rolling the cotton you have to break the cotton piece in half. When you break that cotton you can see how much it flakes. The cotton is very soft and easy to roll. I have not experienced any break in time like i did with other cotton. The flavor you get with the juices you vape with is outstanding.

I have noticed that between 24-48 hours the cotton collapses in the middle meaning that the cotton is no longer efficient so you will have to cut, break apart and roll new ones after cleaning off your coils. If the cotton didn’t collapse in the coils i would totally love this cotton. This cotton never burned neither.


Cotton softness: 4/5

Usability: 4/5

Breakdown time: 2.5/5

Flavor: 4.5/5

Overall: 4/5

I would only recommend this type of cotton if you don’t mind changing out cotton every 24-48 hours.

if you want to pick up this cotton order it at vapers choice cotton

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