Donut hog eliquid review

I received this juice for purpose of review. This juice comes in 100ml chubby gorilla bottles, the available nic is 0, 3 and 6mg.  It is a 70vg/30pg blend.

When opening the bottle you smell a strong strawberry glaze with a light doughnut.

When vaping on this juice for the inhale you get the strawberry glaze with a mouthful of sweeteners. On the exhale you get a light taste of doughnut cake. I did notice that if i increase my watts from 80 to 100 i get a slightly stronger doughnut cake flavor but the strawberry glaze also increases intensity. Overall it is a great doughnut flavor and i enjoy it.

I give this juice a 4.5/5

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Lyfeflavors Review

I was sent these 2 bottles of life flavors from Vaping industries for purpose of review. The 2 flavors are fruity and red. These bottles come in 100ml and the available nic levels are 0, 3 and 6mg.

Fruity – on the inhale you get a strong orange, cherry and lemon flavor. on the exhale you get the surgery, candy flavor to complete the fruit candy experience. The flavor is great if you are into candy flavors.

I give this a 4.5/5

Red – on the inhale you get the cherry flavor. on the exhale you get a raspberry flavor. The inhale and exhale of both flavors are smooth for a 3mg juice.

I give this flavor a 4.5/5

For the final result, and my opinion on it, these are great flavors; i just wish they had made a different label instead of doing IP Theft.

You can pick these up at Vaping industries using the code “KBNNation” which gets you 20% off.

Entrepreneurship and why it is important

Many of us learn when in school to follow the normal route that everyone learns which is all the basic skills needed to function in the real world. From pre-k up to 12th grade we are taught all those years to graduate and go to college. College can be a good route to learn a skill with a piece of paper telling you that you have acquired the knowledge of said skill at a price you will be paying for the rest of your life.

With today’s technology you don’t need a degree to function in the real world or to get what the world would be called a “JOB” and i put that in quotations because what a job really means is “Just Over Broke” meaning you make just enough money to cover bills made due to the fact that they are needed to live and survive.

The importance of investing in yourself and creating your own buisness/brand is very important. You might spend 5 to 20 years building yourself but in the end you can retire happy. When having a job and having a 401k, retirement savings and social security won’t be enough to live off of. This is the main reason for building your own brand/business is important.

With sites like facebook, instagram and youtube they can help you monetize yourself. What i mean by “Monetizing yourself” is creating your own products and services you can offer. Blogging, reviewing, advertising are all key components in building up your own brand and others as well. You can start off advertising for free to build up your portfolio then once you think you have enough content and a large enough following you can start charging a fee for the services you offer.

Think about your future and what you want to do. Do you want to keep busting your ass making another company richer or do you want to create your own empire and do whatever you want in live and really live it. All you need to do is to change your mindset and build that drive to keep the fuel burning. Grinding everyday until you don’t need to grind anymore.

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Vapers Choice Cotton Full Review

I was sent this cotton to try and review. So i have used this cotton for a week and this is my experience with it. When receiving the cotton it comes rolled up into a nice thick plastic container. To build with this cotton you have to measure the piece by cutting the length according to your coils.

When rolling the cotton you have to break the cotton piece in half. When you break that cotton you can see how much it flakes. The cotton is very soft and easy to roll. I have not experienced any break in time like i did with other cotton. The flavor you get with the juices you vape with is outstanding.

I have noticed that between 24-48 hours the cotton collapses in the middle meaning that the cotton is no longer efficient so you will have to cut, break apart and roll new ones after cleaning off your coils. If the cotton didn’t collapse in the coils i would totally love this cotton. This cotton never burned neither.


Cotton softness: 4/5

Usability: 4/5

Breakdown time: 2.5/5

Flavor: 4.5/5

Overall: 4/5

I would only recommend this type of cotton if you don’t mind changing out cotton every 24-48 hours.

if you want to pick up this cotton order it at vapers choice cotton

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Project KBN

So i have a new show i just started on my YouTube channel called “Project KBN”. My goal for this show is to gather personal brands, Buisnesses, Entreprenuers and Enthusiast. Through social media i am able to bring in old and new methods of self advertising and growing personal and professional brands alike.

My show is on mondays 8pm-9pm pst on my personal YouTube channel. The great thing about this show is meeting new people every show and it doesn’t matter how much of a following you have. We all have the same goal to grow and have others know what we do.

The types of industries that can be discovered on this show is Vaping, gaming, models, photography, content creators, YouTubers, Influencers, ect. the list can go on and on. I hope more people join in on the show to get new people to discover who they are and what they represent. This show is great for brand exposure, self growth and many more benefits.

Each guest that attends will automatically have their buisness and or all social media links in the discription of the episode they attend. This is set in place so others can follow them more easily and learn more of what they do on a daily basis vs once in a while.

Want to learn more?

watch episode 1 here