What’s Your Art?

What’s your art? I’ve been thinking a lot on this topic, actually.

I’m very blessed to be surrounded by talented models, photographers, coil builders, juice line owners, tattoo artists, jewelry makers, mod makers, friends, family, writers, reviewers, bloggers, vloggers, and so forth on a daily basis in my social media feeds and circles. Their images that reflect their art is of true beauty, as it is expressive and always has something to say. This is what I love the most; art in its most untouched form.

I’ve always been a creative person and marched to my own beat. I do my own thing and I always try to encourage others to continue to express themselves, too. Find your artistic voice and use it. Don’t stop and don’t look back. We only move forward.

Is it a little scary putting yourself out there like that for the world to see? Absolutely. The world has a few choices when they use their senses and come across our masterpieces. Our art can be berated and verbally destroyed by some, it can be ignored by others or it can be appreciated by those it was meant for.

As artists, we bear our souls in hopes that our expression speaks to someone who can appreciate it or even connect with that expression. That is where the magic you’ve created happens for me.

One of my favorite poems that really speaks to me is The Dream Keeper.

Fellow artists, I encourage your creativity. In fact, I need your creativity daily. You encourage me and help spark my own creativity. I need to be surrounded by beautiful words and pictures, as your art is what touches my soul. It is my hungry heart that needs to stop, look and appreciate your expression no matter what message it is you’re trying to convey nor what platform you use.

Don’t be discouraged by those that don’t appreciate, understand or like your art. It isn’t meant for them.

A Breath of Fresh Air – EZ eJuice Review

I first met David Eason, the owner, of EZ eJuice about a year ago. David is one of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of calling friend and vapefam in this industry. He is heavily involved in advocacy and his heart and mind are in the right places. He is definitely my kind of vaper, friend and fellow advocate supporter.

When I opened the EZ eJuice package, I could smell all the flavors immediately with the child safe bottles still sealed! This is generally a hint to my brain that I am going to be a very happy vaper.

EZ eJuice is one of the best kept secrets in this industry. Time for people to get on the EZ eJuice train, if you are not already! The six flavors in the collection have at least one flavor that will appeal to everyone. Are you tired of the same flavors? Yes?  then you need to

Pretty – Pretty is the one flavor that I was very excited about tearing into. I love an extremely sweet flavor and knowing it had a floral note at the end, that is definitely a profile I want to jump right  into. Surprisingly, my brain was leaning one way and when I experienced Pretty, it was not what I thought. It is extremely heavy on the floral on the exhale and was not a flavor that I was crazy about. It’s definitely not the juice, it’s my palate. The husband got ahold of it and is crazy about Pretty, which is definitely NOT a profile which Nick would ever try. He’s a more on the savory side and gets the apple, pear and floral. He’s a solid Pretty fan now.

Fantom Grape – Wow. Just wow! I would describe Fantom Grape as Dimetapp and I do not mean this in any sort of a negative way when I say that. I looked forward to getting spoons of Dimetapp when I was a kid, becuase I loved the way it tasted. It was just an even grape and that is exactly how Fantom Grape is. There is no bubble gum hint, no candy, no aftertaste, no soda; just grape that stands great alone and is not overpowering.

The Midway – The Midway is a different cotton candy than I’ve ever had. I detect cotton candy, but with a very nice berry pairing. It’s very gentle and not overly sweet. Well done, EZ eJuice!

Night Tea Night – Okay, here is where my heart is from this line. Night Tea Night is definitely not for everyone but this girl LOVES it. It is so very different from any tea I’ve had and any ejuice, in general. I love different – good flavors, because it is like a breath of fresh air and Night Tea Night is definitely that. I can detect the herbal, earthy tea, lavender and spearmint. So beautifully done, I can vape Night Tea Night morning or night!

SPL/ice – Gets the runner up, in my opinion. Like Night Tea Night, it is just a very different flavor profile that no one else has mastered in this market, but David. It is a menthol flavored ejuice, but is light on it and doesn’t make me feel guilty about vaping it. (Side note, the guilty menthol vaping is my own hangup)
The lime is consistant and stays with you through the exhale. It’s not sour at all; more like a key lime. Love SPL/ice and still trying to decide what to mix it with in a tank for a boost.

Pretty Cold – Pretty Cold was just not a flavor I could get behind. Again, not that the ejuice was not done well, it is just my brain conflicting with the profile of Pretty and my menthol guilt I still struggle with.

I noticed all of these are very gentle on coils and cotton. EZ ejuice can be found at: