Project KBN

So i have a new show i just started on my YouTube channel called “Project KBN”. My goal for this show is to gather personal brands, Buisnesses, Entreprenuers and Enthusiast. Through social media i am able to bring in old and new methods of self advertising and growing personal and professional brands alike.

My show is on mondays 8pm-9pm pst on my personal YouTube channel. The great thing about this show is meeting new people every show and it doesn’t matter how much of a following you have. We all have the same goal to grow and have others know what we do.

The types of industries that can be discovered on this show is Vaping, gaming, models, photography, content creators, YouTubers, Influencers, ect. the list can go on and on. I hope more people join in on the show to get new people to discover who they are and what they represent. This show is great for brand exposure, self growth and many more benefits.

Each guest that attends will automatically have their buisness and or all social media links in the discription of the episode they attend. This is set in place so others can follow them more easily and learn more of what they do on a daily basis vs once in a while.

Want to learn more?

watch episode 1 here