Entrepreneurship and why it is important

Many of us learn when in school to follow the normal route that everyone learns which is all the basic skills needed to function in the real world. From pre-k up to 12th grade we are taught all those years to graduate and go to college. College can be a good route to learn a skill with a piece of paper telling you that you have acquired the knowledge of said skill at a price you will be paying for the rest of your life.

With today’s technology you don’t need a degree to function in the real world or to get what the world would be called a “JOB” and i put that in quotations because what a job really means is “Just Over Broke” meaning you make just enough money to cover bills made due to the fact that they are needed to live and survive.

The importance of investing in yourself and creating your own buisness/brand is very important. You might spend 5 to 20 years building yourself but in the end you can retire happy. When having a job and having a 401k, retirement savings and social security won’t be enough to live off of. This is the main reason for building your own brand/business is important.

With sites like facebook, instagram and youtube they can help you monetize yourself. What i mean by “Monetizing yourself” is creating your own products and services you can offer. Blogging, reviewing, advertising are all key components in building up your own brand and others as well. You can start off advertising for free to build up your portfolio then once you think you have enough content and a large enough following you can start charging a fee for the services you offer.

Think about your future and what you want to do. Do you want to keep busting your ass making another company richer or do you want to create your own empire and do whatever you want in live and really live it. All you need to do is to change your mindset and build that drive to keep the fuel burning. Grinding everyday until you don’t need to grind anymore.

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